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Up cycling at its best


Both for renovating our small, cute cottage (aka: Green Acres), as well as for our new house build, the Habitat for Humanity Restores have been our first stop, both for sourcing out items that we need as well as for recycling items we no longer need. Many communities have these wonderful stores, and if you haven’t been to one yet you’re definitely missing out. Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976 as a way to give people a hand up in providing them with affordable housing, not a hand-out. To this day they have facilitated housing for thousands of families all over the world. I and my family have been very blessed indeed to be able to take basic needs such as a roof over our heads for granted, but this is not the reality for many, so I love supporting this charity in any way I can.
The Restores obtain items from homeowners, renovators, liquidators, manufacturers, as well as big box stores such as Home Depot. You can often find brand new or nearly new items there for a fraction of the cost. Another bonus is that you pay no tax at all on any of the items, even the brand new ones.
One of my favourite Restores is in Bracebridge. It is giganormous, plus it’s right next to Muskoka Brewery, a tiny craft brewery where you can sample before you buy. Yum!
For our next project at Green Acres we desperately needed to renovate the bathroom, which had previously been renovated, but in such a shoddy fashion that (believe it or not), they had sort of plumbed in a marine toilet instead of a proper one, and had plumbed in the vanity without a P-trap. Needless to say, the smell was horrible, which is likely why the place was on the market so long. We purchased a Hennessy and Hinchcliffe ultra high efficiency toilet, (which I would highly recommend if you need a new toilet as it only uses 3 litres per flush), and we found a cute vanity at ReStore, as well as a slightly used faucet.
Tune in next week for the “Before and Afters”!


Whether you’re looking for a light fixture,



furniture to refinish with milk paint,



a brand new window or door for a cottage or shed,



a lavatory basin to replace a cracked one,



a “new” kitchen that you could re-paint after it’s installed,



or even a brand new vanity. Look at that price! And no tax!



Spring Cleaning

20130409-153149.jpgIt’s that time of year again – Spring! Time to open the windows to get some fresh air into your home. Time to de-clutter your home and clean everything so it sparkles. Time to wash the windows to let the sunshine in. And, just like Spring cleaning your home is a chance to throw out or recycle the old, unused or broken items that no longer serve you, Spring cleaning your body is a time to shake up your system. You might like to do a dietary cleanse, which consists of taking herbs in a tea or capsule which act to detoxify your organs of elimination – liver, kidneys and bowels. Some people like to do a juice fast which consists of only drinking fluids for a couple of days. This also acts to detoxify your entire digestive system. You might also consider this a time to let go of unhealthy habits which don’t serve you, and pick up some healthy ones instead: Farmer’s markets will be opening soon so how about really trying to purchase your fruit and vegetables locally this summer. Or support a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. Or better yet, plant a vegetable garden – even if it’s just a large planter on a balcony. Take a cooking class at a health food store to learn how to cook fresh, healthy food instead of relying on processed ready-meals. Anything you do to make a positive change will help get you on the road to perfect health and vitality.