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Image of Canadel furniture in a Red Room

Red Dining Room

I LOVE red! That’s an understatement I am always really thrilled when a client is open to using rich, vibrant colours as it makes a huge difference in how a room looks and feels.









Or, in the same house, check out the before and after pictures of the ensuite bathroom. Quite a dramatic difference!

The paint colour really woke up this room!

Client’s Dining Room before. We kept the same drapesBathroom before vibrant paint colour

Restful Bedroom

The bedroom after re-decorating

This is the bedroom of a night-shift worker that needed to be re-decorated on a very tight budget, with the emphasis on restful, quiet colours. In the “before” picture you can see that the paint colour, although it is quite dark, is too vibrant to be conducive to a good days’ sleep. My client ended up being able to sleep properly during the day for the first time in years.