About Alicia

My Grandfather was a beekeeper and herbalist.

My Mother had a life-long interest in natural medicines and healthy living.

My Aunt Helena, in England, is a Biochemist whose claim to fame was her 1967 doctoral dissertation linking folic acid deficiency in pregnant women with neural-tube defects in their children. She was the first to discover this link. Her passions about healthy living and herbal medicines have continued to influence my whole life. Just ask any of my children about Propolis (a favourite remedy of my Aunt’s that she harvests from her own beehives).

I think I can say that I come about my own passions honestly.

I was born in England of post-war refugees from concentration camps in Germany and Siberia. My parents, a younger sister and I emigrated to Canada in 1969, leaving behind my two older sisters and numerous Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and my Grandmother. My beloved Grandfather had just passed away the year previously. I spent my childhood in a vast, unheated, stone-built Victorian townhouse that my parents had purchased semi-furnished with massive antiques that my Mother hated, but I loved, especially the gigantic wardrobe in my bedroom that I always imagined was like the one in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. From a very early age I was designing –  tiny little doll clothes and furniture for my tiny dolls, re-arranging the living room furniture to provide a “conversation grouping” – that My Mother promptly put back against the walls! In Canada I attended High School and University with a definite emphasis on the Sciences and Maths, as my Father was insistent on my becoming a Doctor. I didn’t, but the education has stood me in good stead as good design is probably more of a Science than an Art.

I have been married for 34 years to the most Interesting Man on Earth. No, not the Dos Equis guy, but pretty close. We have 4 adult children and a Grandson of 6 who we had the extreme pleasure of watching grow and develop, as until this past July, he and our Daughter lived with us. It is absolutely true that being a Grandparent is much more fun than being a Parent. I highly recommend it!

About Me:

I am passionate about healthy living.

I am passionate about good, timeless design – not too trendy except for easily replaced accessories, such as pillow covers.

I am passionate about sustainability.

I listen carefully to find out what your personal style is, what your budget is and what your pain points might be.

I am also extremely organized and efficient.

What does this mean to you, if you are considering me as your designer?

It means that you will end up with a beautifully designed space that is comfortable and functional for you and your family AND it means we will come in on-time and on-budget.



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