Non-Stick Pan

A disclaimer:
I am in no way compensated by any company, nor do I get products for free. I just want to pass along my experience with trying products that are healthier for you and/or for the environment.
This week I tried out the Paderno Eco Pan, which is marketed as a ceramic base non-stick frying pan.
As you probably already know, the old school Teflon non-stick pans are really quite bad for you as if you get even tiny scratches on the surface of the pan, bits of Teflon get into your food. Teflon does not get digested and most of us have a store of this man-made substance in our bodies. One of the ingredients of Teflon is likely a carcinogen so avoidance is prudent. Here’s a link to a brief article about this.
I love non-stick pans, so several years ago I invested hundreds of dollars into an Anolon pan which was supposed to be very scratch resistant and last a lifetime. Hah!
As you can see from the picture it is really scratched up despite my exclusive use of bamboo or silicone cooking implements. It makes me mad that it now has to go into our already overful landfills. I am really hoping that this Paderno pan lives up to its promises, although I highly doubt the 25-year warranty. For a trial recipe I made sautéed mushrooms and onions. Normally I would use a bit of fat, oil or butter, but for experimental purposes here, I have used none.
Sure enough, the pan did not stick whatsoever, but allowed the caramelisation of the mushrooms to occur.
So far, I love it! Will report back if I have any problems with it.


my terribly scratched $200 Anolon pan. Ready for the landfill, sadly!



my new $35 Paderno eco pan. (on sale at Home Hardware)



shiny new pan!



I’m going to saute some mushroom without using any fat



I like to just wipe them clean with a paper towel, but you can wash them if you like



slice them and put them into the pan over medium heat



the water will start coming out of them




add half a finely minced onion: slice into very thin strips from root to stem, leaving 1/4″ of stem end unsliced to hold it together.




then slice crosswise and you will get a fine mince



but the strips have to be very thin, about 1/16″, so use a sharp knife




add to the mushrooms in the pan and continue cooking about another 5 minutes. You should start getting some deep caramelisation.



deglaze the pan with 1 teaspoon vodka (optional, but intensifies the mushroom-ey flavour)



Doesn’t stick at all! Add salt and pepper as desired.




make sure to re-use the mushroom container – as a small paint container for instance


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