Finishing Touches

Well, here is the finished cottage bedroom. I was going for a look that says ” come and lay your weary head down here”. The colours I chose were turquoise and citrus green, colours which are on trend, and therefore readily available, and are also peaceful and soothing.
Since my milk painted dresser resisted chipping (which apparently happens sometimes), I didn’t bother with a sealer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that milk paint, all by itself, is a very durable finish and won’t come off. All I did was give it a light sanding to smooth out the raised grain.
I purchased some inexpensive bedding and accessories at Homesense as well as a pair of linen drapery side panels. I really wanted to make it easy on myself and these side panels certainly did, given that they were the right width for both a window curtain as well as a curtain to cover the closet (which has no door). All I had to do was shorten the window curtain, as with a window of this size, pretending that the window is larger than it is by hanging the curtains up to the ceiling seems a bit silly (see the prior post here), so I decided on just one short curtain hung slightly off centre to allow the curtain to be pulled back completely off the window, given the way the window opens to the inside.
As an added bonus, there was enough fabric left for a couple of neck pillows, which just add to the comfortable feeling of the bedroom. I made a few practical additions, such as a basket to hold mystery novels (required summer reading!), and a crackle jar with a jaunty bird on top to hold jewellery, watches, etc. at the end of the day. A stripy rag rug in the exact colours of the bedding provides a soft and warm place for your feet when you get out of bed in the morning. A dreamy cottage bedroom – bliss!


Peaceful and pretty cottage bedroom



New (shorter) linen curtain on the window is out of the way most of the time



The cut-off end of the curtain was enough to make two neck pillows. Just cut in half, and sew along 3 sides, leaving an opening



iron the seam allowance towards the inside of the cushion. This will make it easier to sew it closed



For the stuffing I (literally) cut an old, lumpy but clean pillow in half



then I sewed each half shut. It doesn’t matter what this seam looks like as it will be inside the pillow



Hmmmm……….these pillows need a little something something.




Using a leftover strip of fabric, you can make a bow by sewing 3 sides, just like you did with the pillow



The easiest way to turn a ribbon right way out is to push a yardstick into the narrow sewn edge




and keep pushing through until it’s the right way round.



iron the finished ribbon and tie a simple bow around the finished neck pillows




a jaunty bird sits atop a practical crackle pottery container



The other linen side panel went on a tension rod to cover…………



This mess!!



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