Cottage Bedroom

For my first project I decided to re-paint the bedroom. The panelling had been previously painted but the paint was particularly dingy, making the whole room look smaller and darker. I used a favourite cottage colour: Simply White, Benjamin Moore OC-117. It’s a milky white colour, not an ultra-white, so although it is bright, it’s not blindingly so. Although there were at least two coats of the old paint, the panelling still soaked up a lot of paint, as did the acoustic tile on the ceiling, so I had to do two full coats, despite using one of the new “Paint + Primer” paints. If you are planning on painting a ceiling, do your neck and upper back a favour and use a two foot long painting stick attached to the paint roller. This allows you to stand back and paint forward at an angle, rather than painting up above your head. Using a shorter painting stick is easier for me than a long one, which requires quite a bit of upper body strength to manipulate.

It’s also crucial to provide proper ventilation when painting. Paint with the windows wide open and use a fan in the doorway to force air out through the window. Even with today’s zero VOC paints you are still going to have paint fumes until the paint “skins over”, which usually takes a couple of hours. If you are pregnant or nursing, do your baby a favour and do not paint yourself. This is the time to get someone else to do it. Leave for a few hours and by then the fumes should have diminished significantly.

I am very pleased with the result. The room looks a lot brighter and larger. I scrounged a bed frame and used it to add height and definition to the wall.

Next week: dressing up the bedroom (a bit!)


Before bedroom – paint looks white, right?




Before bedroom – what NOT to do with drapes!



Bedroom after painting in Benjamin Moore OC-117, Simply White



ceiling also painted in Simply White

And you thought that paint was white!

Ventilating the bedroom with a vintage Robins & Myers fan. It works fantastic!

Do your neck and upper back a favour and use a painting stick to paint the ceiling



3 thoughts on “Cottage Bedroom

  1. Carmen

    Fantastic fan!
    I remember when you were in your flat in Oakville – you had a fan there. is it the same one? Probably not. Don’t chuck this one when you finish with it, it looks vintage and will enhance any room (as you know).

    xxxxxx from me

    1. Alicia Post author

      No, that one was circa 1969. This one is from the 1920’s and doesn’t have a speck of plastic on it. It weighs about a ton! It is awesome and we’re definitely not getting rid of it.


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