Junk food woes

20130528-205749.jpgMy life has been so busy in the last little while, with lots of driving and traveling and if I am on the road and unprepared with food brought from home I am sorely tempted, because I am hungry, to indulge in – let’s see….what tempts me? French fries!
So then I think “well, they’re just deep fried potatoes, what could be wrong with that?”
Here’s the problem: they have been so incredibly processed that they really don’t bear much resemblance to a potato at all. Peeled, coated with a sweet and salty brine loaded with artificial flavour enhancers, colour enhancers, anti-browning agents, stabilizers, preservatives and texturizers, they are then deep fried and frozen to be distributed to the fast food outlets. Then they are deep fried and salted once again before you purchase them to eat.
They’re so good when they’re freshly hot and crispy and usually get gobbled up in minutes. But have you ever let them get cold, even just for about 8 minutes? They become inedible, they’re so bad. And if you bring them home and try to reheat them in the microwave the next day, then you realize they’re not really food at all. In fact they don’t even resemble food in smell or taste or texture. This is because all those chemicals that are used to process the potatoes have a very limited time that they actually “work” after which they degrade into other chemical components. All these chemicals and their derivatives really take a toll on our bodies as our livers and kidneys try so hard to detoxify them.
Also, when you process, then freeze, then deep-fry what used to be food, you end up with a weird substance that, although it has calories so you won’t starve to death, has no nutritional value whatsoever, and, in fact, robs your body of valuable enzymes and vitamins as you’re trying hard to digest it.
So, my poor liver and digestive system, clogged with the by-products of the fast-food phenomenon, when I’m really not used to it. What to do?
Drink lots of water, be kind to myself, and try to eat better. In fact, as a result of feeling so “McCrappy”, I have gone on a no sugar kick, which means that of course I can’t have any more junk food ‘cos it’s loaded with sugar, and I feel SO much better! After only about a week!
Maybe you should try it too. Don’t, for goodness sake, be fooled by those TV ads that show vegetables exploding out of the wraps showing how good they are for you – they’re not, not at all. Even the miserable vegetables that are in there are also processed so they will last longer during shipping and in the restaurants. And don’t forget, even though they are supposed to be healthier, they are loaded with sugar and salt. It only takes a few minutes to prepare your own “healthy wrap” made with real chicken and real vegetables and wrapped up so it’s portable. I hear you: “dial your own extension!” and believe me, I plan to from now on, because it’s just not worth feeling “mccrappy”.



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