And so it begins….


And so it begins…….the build of our dream home.
It started about 5 years ago when we purchased the property that this house will be built on. The original house that was standing on the property was a lovely little house, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was cute and cozy, but, if I ever wanted my (large) family to come and visit, we had a problem: the place was just too small. Luckily, a guy who’s in the house moving business agreed to take it and move it to another property about 10 km away so we didn’t have to demolish it. In fact, we would not have demolished it under any circumstances – the thought of such a good little house going into the landfill was just not acceptable.
The design process started with me doodling little drawings in my myriad notebooks. Just thinking about how it would be best to lay out the house considering the views, the usage of the rooms as well as the number of rooms we needed. My husband, of course, had a lot of input as well as contributing many special design features which he will be making himself.
Then it was time to make an actual plan. For this stage of planning an architect is required as they know all the building code details as well as the structural elements that are needed. The picture above shows a more-or-less final elevation which was produced by the architect of what the front of the house will look like.
After the small house was removed, it was time to build a foundation.
Two weeks ago a backhoe removed the excess soil and rocks and made a very large hole. Then concrete footings were poured which sit 4 feet below the foundation. This is necessary so that the frost which occurs to 4′ down doesn’t shift the house.
Last week the foundation was constructed, which is made out of concrete blocks. Once the foundation was constructed, it had to be parged (smoothed all over the outside with a cement mixture). This waterproofs the blocks. On top of the parging, the foundation was painted with tar, and then a plastic platon was screwed on. The tar and platon are two more layers of waterproofing.
This week the concrete slab will be poured.
Stay tuned…………oooh, this is SO exciting!!



The old house “going down the road”. Picture from the local paper.



the forms for the concrete footings are made




the block foundation starts to grow!



Here’s me sitting in my future living room (well the basement under it)



the foundation wall keep growing



The foundation is “parged” to waterproof it



the bottom 4 feet are painted with tar and then a dimpled plastic “platon” is affixed to the blocks



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