Spring Cleaning

20130409-153149.jpgIt’s that time of year again – Spring! Time to open the windows to get some fresh air into your home. Time to de-clutter your home and clean everything so it sparkles. Time to wash the windows to let the sunshine in. And, just like Spring cleaning your home is a chance to throw out or recycle the old, unused or broken items that no longer serve you, Spring cleaning your body is a time to shake up your system. You might like to do a dietary cleanse, which consists of taking herbs in a tea or capsule which act to detoxify your organs of elimination – liver, kidneys and bowels. Some people like to do a juice fast which consists of only drinking fluids for a couple of days. This also acts to detoxify your entire digestive system. You might also consider this a time to let go of unhealthy habits which don’t serve you, and pick up some healthy ones instead: Farmer’s markets will be opening soon so how about really trying to purchase your fruit and vegetables locally this summer. Or support a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. Or better yet, plant a vegetable garden – even if it’s just a large planter on a balcony. Take a cooking class at a health food store to learn how to cook fresh, healthy food instead of relying on processed ready-meals. Anything you do to make a positive change will help get you on the road to perfect health and vitality.



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