Perfect Health Update

20130402-214737.jpgWell, the 21-day perfect health meditation series ended last Sunday. However, at this point I am a full week behind. Why? Well, as is usual, life just got in the way. My Husband and I have been extremely busy for the last 3 weeks staging and getting our house ready for sale. We had originally thought to list the house in May, but due to a seller’s market, we thought we had better get a jump on things and list this week. Wow, what a huge amount of work it has been. Although I had already done a de-cluttering program in February called “Clear My Clutter” and a great deal of (my) life’s clutter had already been dealt with, there was still SO much to do. And therefore, SOMETHING had to give, and unfortunately, although I needed it desperately, it happened to be the meditation program. How disappointing and frustrating! However, luckily, the meditations are left on the site for at least a week, if not 10 days, so I still have lots of time to complete the program, which I have enjoyed tremendously. So, wish me luck – with the sale of the house, and the meditation program, and we’ll see what happens! And if for whatever reason, you have fallen behind in the program – join me and let’s finish it together!



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