Lose It!



SO, I’m back to using the LoseIt App.
If your New Years’ resolution is to shed a few pounds, I would highly recommend this app if you have a smartphone or an iPad. I know that for me the LoseIt App proved to be really invaluable because if you use it conscientiously, it forces you to be accountable – to yourself – for the calories you are consuming and burning off. It’s a psychological thing and it worked for me and my hubby because it kind of forces you to be more active to burn off those excess calories. Anything that motivates you to exercise/ get outside more is fantastic, in my opinion.
Luckily, the App still had all my information stored. One of the nice things about this app is that you can put in your own recipes, i.e. all the ingredients in a recipe, so you get accurate calorie counts of meals you make – plus of course there are a multitude of ready made food calorie counts and even restaurant food calorie counts.
You can also add “friends” if you and a friend are trying to lose weight together. Your friend then gets your updates and triumphs/successes (but only if you want them too) as well as being able to share recipes and the calorie counts associated with them.
I’m a big believer in this App based on mine and my husband’s experiences. This time I’m going to stay on it for the whole year though – until my new patterns are cast in stone!


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