Easy Homemade Jam

Happy New Year to You and Your Family.


It’s freezing cold here in Canada and there’s quite a bit of snow on the ground. Sometimes at this time of the year, fresh fruit in the grocery stores doesn’t taste particularly fresh or flavourful. Luckily we have an abundant supply of frozen fruit which can often take the place of fresh. I find it works very well if you make jam out of it. This jam just bursts with flavour and is super easy to make.


2 cups partially thawed, mashed fruit of your choice. (Here my daughter used mango and strawberry, but any fruit works)

3 1/2 cups sugar

1/2 packet of pectin powder

juice and zest of one lime


Start by mashing up the first layer of thawed fruit right in the measuring cup



Add another layer and keep mashing until you get to the 2 cup mark



Bring mashed fruit, sugar and pectin powder to a boil over medium-high heat



Boil hard for one minute



Pour into hot jars



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