Holiday Floral Arrangement

Image of seasonal floral arrangement

Make this Seasonal floral using some old ornaments and a some fresh florals


Well, I still had a whole bunch of leftover Christmas ornaments so I decided I was going to upcycle them into a couple of floral arrangements. I had the picks left over from last week’s wreath, so I decided to use them as picks for my large pine cones. I cut out the centre wire, making a sort of cup which I hot-glued to the end of each of the 9 pine cones. Then I spray painted all the pine cones plus some old holly berry picks in a metallic chrome colour and let them dry overnight. I had a couple of metal containers leftover from last Christmas. One of them had a plastic liner but the smaller one did not, so I made a waterproof flower holder by putting a soaked floral wet foam into a plastic zipper bag, taping it down into the container with electrical tape and making a few slashes through the plastic at the top to allow for the flowers and pine to be poked through. The large square container had just the soaked floral foam held down with electrical tape. I then raided my backyard for white pine and juniper. In case you think I have denuded my white pine tree, rest assured I have 3 large ones in my backyard, so all I did was a light pruning. The reason I love using white pine for my floral arrangements is that the needles are so soft, even the tiniest fingers won’t get prickled. Anyway, I harvested a large bunch of the white pine and just a few juniper branches, which were arranged in the containers using the tallest and largest in the middle and the smallest ones towards the outer edges. Then I added the juniper in the middle. I purchased a dozen small red roses and a bunch of green fuji chrysanthemums. These I arranged rather haphazardly throughout both containers, 9 roses and 5 fujis in the larger container, 3 roses and 3 fujis in the smaller container. The chrysanthemums came with a couple of stems of Salal, so I incorporated these into the larger arrangement. What I was trying to do was fill out the container, but without it looking too stiff and formal. Lastly I added the silver painted pine cones and holly berries throughout. Since I had intended from the beginning that the larger container would be a table centrepiece, I made sure to add all the elements right around the container, by walking around the table whilst putting them in. The smaller one will go onto a hall console table, so is more one-sided.
Finally, to make a nice gift presentation, I wrapped them with cellophane and tied them with festive bows. Total cost: $20 for the fresh florals for two floral arrangements, $5 for the silver spray paint. I hope you are inspired to make some floral arrangements yourself. It’s really very easy.

image of wet floral foam soaking

soak the floral foam before using. Make sure it’s “wet” foam!


image of leftovers of floral pick

Leftovers from last week’s wreath project


image of secateurs cutting the floral pick

Use secateurs to snip off the main “stem”


image of pinecone stuck onto leftover pick

Hot glue a pinecone onto the leftover pick



image of leftover ornaments in a box ready for spray painting

Leftover ornaments ready for spray painting


image of leftover ornaments after spray painting

After spray painting with Krylon “chrome”


image of containers packed with floral foam and taped

Use electrical tape to secure the soaked floral foam into the containers


Image of adding greenery and fllowers

Just keep adding greenery and flowers from the inside to the outer edges


image of floral in progress

Keep going! There are no real rules – just do what looks best.


image of finished floral

Add the silver pinecones


Image of almost finished floral

And the hollyberry picks at the corners


Image of finished floral

Eh Voila!




Image of wrapped floral

Add some cellophane and a bow and it’s ready for giving!



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