Do Yourself a Favour and Meditate!

Woman sitting on beach, prayingFor the last year or so a good night’s sleep has been an impossible dream, literally. I don’t know if it’s hormones or what, but I know I’m not alone, as many of the people I speak with are also having a hard time right now. I have no trouble getting to sleep, but staying asleep past 3 am seems to be the problem. I wake up and then I cannot get my mind to stop whirling and thinking about stuff I have to do the next day. Unfortunately, then when I do get up I’m so sleepy I can’t even remember what it was I was fretting about at night time!
It was getting to the point that a couple of weeks ago, I even told my husband I was ready to get a prescription for a sleeping pill. Well, he looked at me as if I had sprouted a second head, as I truly am not and never have been a pill-popper.
At the same time, I was doing some research on Sahaja Yoga meditation for this post, and stumbled upon a Deepak Chopra free audio meditation series called “Creating Abundance”. I can’t believe it has made such a difference in such a short time. I am currently on Day 13 of this 21-day meditation challenge.

I had always considered meditation as something that would be incredibly difficult for me to achieve and I just couldn’t imagine myself sitting completely motionless and silent for hours at a time – that’s just not me. Well, I was completely wrong about that. It’s so easy and intuitive that anybody can do it.
The reality is that this particular program literally takes only about 15 minutes of your time every day. I like to do it first thing in the morning as the sun comes up. It is a truly lovely program, and of course Deepak’s voice is so hypnotic. At first I couldn’t sit still for even the 15 minutes – I was fidgety and didn’t think it would “work”, but after a week I found I was able to get into a “thoughtless awareness” state fairly quickly where I was able to ignore the traffic and household noises and just stay in the “zone”.
The complete, unexpected benefit is that I have been able to sleep the whole night through. Yeah!!!
Even if you have absolutely no trouble sleeping – do yourself a favour and jump on over to Deepak Chopra’s website by clicking on the picture above and sign up for this free program. Don’t worry that you are a couple of weeks behind at this point. I did not start it on the first day, so I’m 5 days behind, but the daily meditations are posted for 10 days each, so I will finish the program well before the tapes disappear (although of course I was worried about being behind at first, so I tried doing two in one day before realizing that that’s neither helpful nor part of the program). The point is to get started as soon as you can. You don’t need any type of equipment and you don’t need to sit twisted as a pretzel. If you have headphones it makes it easier to ignore outside sounds, but you really don’t need them either.
I still cannot believe that 15 minutes, start to finish, can bring such clarity of thought and purpose to me that lasts for most of the day, and I’m so happy I found this program when I did and can share it with you.
The meditation practice I was researching originally, Sahaja Yoga practice, is also a great meditation practice, with a lot of online resources as well as free classes to attend. This is a kundalini yoga practice, where you meditate on the chakras (points in your body corresponding to nerve and energy line congruence). I hope that my 21-day meditation challenge will allow me to explore this other type of meditation as well.
Whichever you choose – do yourself a favour and meditate!


4 thoughts on “Do Yourself a Favour and Meditate!

  1. diane wilson

    Hi Alicia…

    Love receiving your blog.

    2 points of feedback…

    1) Always nice to get something personalized… so nice touch, but I am tired of always seeing the “I don’t want to bother you” comment FIRST… I WANT THIS BLOG! my suggestion would be to move the comment from the most powerful part of your page (upper left hand corner) to somewhere else…. and let us start by simply enjoying!

    2) Is there an easy way to forward this on to friends? So they can receive it too?

    xoxo Great stuff. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge in such a personal and down to earthy “Alicia” way! xox Diane

    1. Alicia Post author

      Thanks Diane, I will change it.
      You can hit the “forward” link in the same paragraph to forward to a friend, which I would appreciate very much, A.

  2. Satna

    Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for the wonderful link, I’m going to check out Deepak’s challenge, and hope it can help with my sleep loss!


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