Beautiful Skin starts with natural exfoliation

picture of the author's Mother

Janina Wodecki 1930-2007

If you ever knew my Mother, you would have been astonished by how smooth and wrinkle-free her facial skin was, right into her 70’s. I’m sure part of that was her personality shining through as she was ever calm and did not like to show too much expression on her face (part of her English upbringing, I guess). Another part of it was that her skin was so super-senstitive that she really could not use any products on it. She washed her face with cold water and used vaseline (horrors!) as a winter moisturizer. A secret she shared with me in how she kept her skin looking so fresh was her particular method of natural skin exfoliation.

All you need is pure glycerine soap, such as Pears soap (from England, but available in many grocery stores). Basically all you have to do is: about once a week in the winter and 2 or 3 times a week in the summer, whilst showering, lather your face up well with the Pears soap. Leave it on your skin for one minute and then rinse off. When you’re done showering, using your fingers, massage your face in a circular motion, around and around your nose and cheeks, your forehead and skin, and all those yucky dead skin cells will roll right off and can be easily rinsed away. When you get out of the shower, make sure you put on a moisturizer right away, such as my favourite – a drop of organic jojoba oil which does my whole face and neck. Voila – reveal your fresh new skin.
Exfoliation of skin is very important as it gets off those old, grimy skin cells which are actually bonded to the skin layer below. While body exfoliation is not really a problem, because our clothes, towels and bedsheets naturally exfoliate us all day long, facial exfoliation usually has to be done mechanically either with a granular or chemical exfoliant, both of which are way too harsh for sensitive skins, or using the glycerine soap method, which, technically, is a chemical method, it’s very mild. The glycerine soap works by actually dissolving the bond between the old, dead skin cells and the fresh new ones below.
Who knew?


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