Locally Made Furniture

Want to support the local economy?

It’s easy – just shop locally for furniture! When you make that decision to purchase locally produced furniture you’re not just helping the shop or designer who sells it to you, you are positively impacting the whole supply chain behind that piece of furniture – from the person who sources the trees, to the sawyer who cuts it into planks and dries it in a kiln, to the lumber wholesaler, to the manufacturer who employs many people to turn that piece of wood into furniture, and finally the dealer or retailer who sells it to you.

Image of Perfect Balance Bedroom

Durham Perfect Balance Bedroom

There are many furniture manufacturers in Ontario making every type of furniture from upholstered to fine quality case goods to tiny woodworking shops producing rustic furniture from reclaimed wood.

One furniture manufacturer many people have heard of is Durham furniture in (guess where?) Durham, Ontario. They have been manufacturing solid wood bedroom sets for over 100 years and they continue to do it the old fashioned way – with English dovetail joints, set-in drawers, and every piece is hand crafted. The exciting thing about them is they have come out with a line of condo-sized furnishings which fit the size limitations of so many modern homes. The exact same quality, but with updated styles, finishes and hardware at a lower price point means that investing in excellent quality, locally produced furniture is within reach of a lot more consumers. Look at this ingenious under-bed storage which lets condo-owners store their golf-clubs, skis, etc. but lifts with one hand with the help of hydraulic hinges:

Image of Durham under bed storage

Ingenious Durham under bed storage

A wood artisan that very few people have heard of is Hedge Road Woodworks in Jackson’s Point, ON. They source local deadfall or reclaimed timbers, and then turn them into truly unique tables, desks, occasional tables as well as cutting and presentation boards. This is an example of a Mom and Pop operation where every aspect from sourcing to manufacture and finishing, to marketing and selling are done by just one or two people, but you truly end up with a one-of-a-kind piece.

I consider myself very lucky that I own a gorgeous desk from this company. It makes work a pleasure!

Image of walnut desk

Locally sourced black walnut desk with black wood inlay and mid-century Eames hairpin legs

Image of Spalted Maple Bench

Spalted Maple Bench with Art Deco legs

Image of live-edge walnut coffee table

live-edge walnut coffee table

Image of condo-sized hallway console table

condo-sized hallway console table with Eames hairpin leg

Image of reclaimed fir coffee table

reclaimed fir coffee table with Eames hairpin legs



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