Holistic Wellness 5 – Healthy Relationships

Image of Healthy Relationships


You are a sum of all your relationships!


The relationships we have with others are a critical component of holistic wellness. If we accept the fact that there is a mind-body-spirit connection, then of course anything at all which affects our minds must therefore necessarily affect our bodies and our health.


How to create healthy relationships:


1. Giving : giving something that people like (not material gifts though) This should be along  the lines of gifts of your time or your talent.


2. Using kind words. It is amazing how just speaking softly and kindly can change our perceptions of another person. We do this automatically to babies and pets, why is it so difficult to do with people?


3. Acting for the purpose of benefit to them. Truly and honestly trying to help the other person, as opposed to acting for your own benefit or aggrandizement


4. Physically working together with them. Nothing beats togetherness and working together on a project or even simply preparing a meal, doing a boring task or working on a jigsaw puzzle grows your relationships.


If you don’t have healthy relationships, either with your partner, child, parent, co-worker, friend or neighbour – ask yourself which of the above four aspects you might be able to work on?


Could you bring a home-baked good or preserve to a neighbour you’re angry at, and just try to verbalize what it is that’s bothering you?


Could you spend time with your child or grandchild playing a card game or doing a puzzle?


Could you speak softly and respectfully to your teenager even though you feel like yelling?


Could you make a regular, once-a-week “date night” with your spouse or partner where you just enjoy one another? (Make a pact to NOT discuss anything which might be on the “hot burner” right now – the point is to remember what attracted you to this person in the first place, not to start into a discussion)


Could you forgive your parent who you might be harbouring a grudge against for many years? Even more importanty could you do it even if they have passed away?


Could you offer to take on or help with a task for your co-worker you don’t particularly get along with. It’s amazing how beneficial it can be to “pay it forward”


A caveat here though: Knowing when a relationship is toxic, when it sucks the life and spirit out of you, and you just have a gut feel that that person is just “bad” for you and trying hard to end it/avoid that person is also crucial to your health.


Acting at all times with an attitude of gratitude – for the fact that you’re alive, sentient, healthy, have the use of your senses, your body, your mind. That you live (hopefully) in a country at peace and not at war, and (again, hopefully) that you live in a country of plenty and not of want. These are all the attributes that added together contribute to your wellness of body, mind and soul.


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