Eat Local!

Eat Local!

Why is it important to eat locally produced fruit and vegetables?

Reduced travel time for produce means that the nutritional value is greater, the produce just tastes so much better and fresher, and more importantly, we are supporting our local farmers.

We are so lucky in Ontario that we have such an abundance of Farmers Markets

Farmer’s Markets are so great as we get a chance to interact with the people who are actually growing the produce we put into our mouths every day. I feel so fortunate to live in an area called “the food basket of Canada”. We have such an incredibly varied abundance of produce available to us for many, many months of the year, with some crops (greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes) available to us year-round.

freshly picked strawberries!

Tell me: what is not to love about incredibly sweet, perfectly ripe Ontario strawberries or peaches, or when the days and nights start getting cooler, biting into a freshly picked Ontario apple?


Another way to eat local and support our local farmers is to take part in a CSA, which is “Community Supported Agriculture”. This is where, often in the Spring, you can purchase a “share” of a farms future bounty.

A share typically costs a few hundred dollars, depending on the size of your family, and for that you can expect a basket of whatever is being harvested that week at the farm. Click here for a list of Ontario CSA’s.

Chopping homegrown Swiss Chard

That means that sometimes (in Spring, for instance) there’s not a whole lot in the basket. But that gets balanced out by the Fall baskets, which often are over-brimming with freshly picked goodness!

Some CSA’s also have additional “goodies” such as greenhouse items or baked bread if their farm does that.

Lake trout = happy Fisherman!

And of course, the best possible way to eat local, reduce the travel time for your veggies and know exactly what is going into your produce is to grow (or in some cases catch) your own.


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