Living Things

Living Things

Everyone needs to be reminded of nature, especially if you are a city dweller.

Ideally you could have a companion animal such as a dog or cat, but often this is not possible due to allergy or other restrictions. Fish in an aquarium can be a very beautiful reminder of nature and can often be placed in even the smallest of spaces. Caring for a companion animal or petting a dog or cat, can bring great benefits to your health, relieving stress and bringing calm. Having a pet can also be a great introduction to responsibility for a young child.

The energy that a living, moving animal brings to your space helps to “enliven” it, but even motionless living things, namely plants, are of great benefit to our health. All living plants will clean the air and produce oxygen to some extent – some more than others. For a list of the best plants for removing toxins from our indoor environment, click here

Often people say they have no room for plants, but there are some very creative ways to incorporate plants into the smallest home or office environment. This planter, for instance, could even be hung onto an office cubicle divider and would help to clean the (sometimes) stale, air-conditioned air of your office space.

Of course, this does not include dried plants, which should not be kept in the home due to their connotation of death. Artificial plants are also not ideal, as they really bring no benefit except for the visual one. Keep your artificial plants down to just a few floral arrangements, if you must, but make sure they are really realistic-looking and also make “sense”, i.e. change out your tulip centrepiece once Spring is over and if you have combinations of plants in an arrangement, have them be plants which grow together in nature.

Contrary to common belief, living plants are incredibly easy to care for – many needing (and wanting) water only once a month or so. Air plants need no watering at all, taking everything they need from the air. Living walls are also becoming increasingly popular. This is a stunning example of the sculptural beauty of a living wall in Madrid

In many cities with lots of highrises, living roofs are not only being encouraged, but mandated, due to the incredible benefits we get from outside plants – temperature regulation, toxin removal, oxygen production, and of course, the visual benefits of seeing “green” things.

Toronto green roof bylaw

Surround yourself with living things, get rid of dead things, and feel your energy levels rise!


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