Harmony & Connectedness

Harmony and Connectedness

Harmony refers to both how all the items and colours you choose to have around you connect with each other, and also about how they connect with the Earth.

Harmony in colour

Decorating with a Social and Environmental Conscience? You Bet! Decorating to provide a vibrant sense of joy and harmony – of course! But how?

Surround yourself with a harmonious arrangement of colours, furniture, accessories and artwork made of mostly natural or naturally sourced materials obtained in an ethical fashion.

Natural and living materials by Michael Fullen Design Group

Also, include live or living or natural items in every room. Plants, stones, driftwood, shells, flowers, wood, wicker, rattan, bamboo as well as pets such as fish, birds and dogs and cats are all important items which resonate with us on a deep visceral level and keep us in touch, even slightly, with the wider Universe around us.

It is so important to have this feeling of connectedness around us. It helps us to feel in harmony with nature, and this, in turn, will help us feel in harmony with one another.

The simplest arrangement of garden flowers

When we feel in harmony with nature, we think twice about harming the environment. Every time we look at a plant or animal, it helps us to get more in touch with Mother Nature, and hopefully we will then become more environmentally aware, and make choices which do less harm to the Earth, and ourselves. For instance, we might choose to purchase an organic textile over a man-made one.

Gorgeous organic fabrics

Organic textiles are gorgeous, and also do less harm to the environment because no harmful pesticides or herbicides have been used in their production. They are not made of polluting petrochemicals, they are (generally speaking) produced ethically, with the workers being paid a fair, living wage. For a fantastic blog on the real scoop about synthetic vs. natural fibers check out o ecotextiles They truly do an outstanding job on researching and telling it like it is.

If we can feel really good about the ethical, socially responsible choices we make for our furnishings and decorating then we are living harmoniously on the planet and leaving a slightly smaller footprint for our future generations to contend with.

Harmony in fabrics and furniture by Muse Interiors

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