My Clients and Potential Clients Often ask me what Holistic Interior Design actually is?

The simple answer that I give them is that I make their place look fabulous in a manner that is healthier for them and for the environment. How do I accomplish this, with the aid of my Clients:

The 7 basic tents of Holistic Interior Design are:

De-Clutter, Cleanliness, Colour, Comfort, Connectedness, Illumination and Living Matter.

De-Clutter means that you have to take a long hard look at all your “stuff”, decide what you can and can’t live without and systematically clear out everything which may be weighing you down.

Are you feeling trapped by clutter?

For instance: Are you hanging on to old furniture just because you inherited it from a Parent or Aunt or Uncle. Ask yourself if you really, truly love it, can’t live without it.

Too often, the answer is “no” yet we have a sentimental possessiveness for something we do not truly love. Free yourself and your space by donating these items that others may have a good use for. The alternative, hanging on to too much – whether it’s furniture, books, dishes, bric-a-brac, etc. – ends up cluttering up your space and your mind as well.

Mismatched furniture styles are cluttering too!

Clear out your space and be rewarded by a feeling of freedom and refreshment, as well as clearer thinking. If your bedroom is above the (formerly) cluttered space, then also be rewarded by better sleep!

The second tenet, Cleanliness, springs right out of the first. While you are de-cluttering, take the time to really clean your space. Although this seems obvious, many of us are not “clearing out the cobwebs” on a regular basis. Living with too much dust on surfaces, cobwebs, dust bunnies all act to fog our minds on a very subconscious level.

Clean the windows, vacuum every surface, especially soft, upholstered surfaces and draperies, wash hard surfaces with environmentally friendly cleaning products: Check out Elemi, for some nice ones.

A well-ordered space is very calming to the mind

Be rewarded not only by a sense of accomplishment, but by clearer, more organized thinking and better sleep, as our bodies do not sleep very well if we have to inhale dust all night.
The rewards of a clean, well-ordered space more than make up for all the work it is to accomplish it.

Stay tuned – next week’s post: Colour and Comfort – the 3rd and 4th tenets of Holistic Interior Design.


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