Salt Spring Island, BC

View from the ferry

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Salt Spring Island, which is just off the coast of Vancouver Island. We flew into Victoria, rented a car and then took a very short ferry ride (35 minutes) to Salt Spring Island on BC Ferries.

View from Living Room

We had rented a house which was on top of one of the hills of Salt Spring, so we had a marvelous view towards many of the other Gulf Islands and we could even see Mt. Baker, US, in the distance.

Salad – yumm!

Salt Spring Island is a magical, mystical place with very friendly residents and a truly laid-back atmosphere. It is also an island where many of the residents, as well as visitors are more enlightened about food and lifestyle so you can find a vast variety of organically grown foods in the grocery stores and especially at their famous Saturday Market held in Ganges, which is one of the towns there. We ate extremely well there, and the prices were average to Ontario prices, which I found surprising, considering it is an island.

There is a yoga centre there, called the Salt Spring Centre, which offers classes, retreats and runs a school for local children.
View of my toes whilst sitting in forest hot tub

Spas and day retreats abound, and I was lucky enough to enjoy an aromatherapy massage, sauna and forest hot-tub at Solace Organic Spa Retreat as part of my major detoxification program mentioned last week.

We hiked the paths at Bryant Hill Park and Andreas Vogt Nature reserve, which were so incredibly beautiful, they were breath-taking. ;
We also hiked at the top of Mount Maxwell (OK, I have to admit we drove up to the Provincial Park at the top!), and the views from there were incredible!
view from Mount Maxwell
The only negative thing I have to say about the Island is the lack of municipal blue-bin recycling and composting. I guess we have been spoiled in Ontario with our extensive waste diversion programs, and I was dismayed and disgusted by the 3 BIG bags of garbage that the 6 of us produced in a week.Ironic that Elizabeth May (Green Party Head) is the MP for Salt Spring Island, but I guess that it just doesn’t make financial sense for such a small population. You have to wonder, though, about where all that glass, aluminum and plastic is going?
All in all, it was a very calm and relaxing week – perfect to re-charge the body, mind and spirit!

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