There’s a long, wordy definition of Environmental Toxicity on Wikipedia, but in a nutshell it is anything that affects us in a negative fashion. It could be the polluted air we’re breathing, the toxins and plastics in our surroundings, pesticide and antibiotic residues in our food and water. You name it, it can probably poison us. Even too much water can harm us and is called Water Intoxication.
The thing is, you don’t have to throw up your hands in despair and say “there’s nothing I can do”, because you CAN take your health into your own hands and do something about it, namely, detoxification.
I’m not talking about a two or seven day cleanse, but more of an intensive month-long and life-long system of detoxifying multiple organs, and even right down to the cellular level.
In her book, The Detox Solution, Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald lays out a thorough and complete way that you can detoxify at many, many levels.
After following her suggestions for a month, I can attest to the fact that, for me, the protocol has proven really effective. I have suddenly found abundant energy, I feel fantastic, and believe it or not, I am even more vibrant than I usually am. Quite an achievement.
Dr. Fitzgerald is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a Homeopathic doctor practicing Functional Medicine, a growing specialization popularized by Andrew Weil. There are many Functional Medicine practitioners, including Dr. Amy Myers of Austin Ultra Health, whose blog I follow for all her tips regarding vibrant health.
My detox protocol has followed a similar path to other detox cleanses I have used in the past with a couple of exceptions. The biggest change I have made during the last month, and in my life, is to drink (sipping slowly) a whole lot more water. See my previous post “Rehydrate” for more on how to accomplish this easily.
The supplements and homeopathic clearing medicines from Physica Energetics have been really amazing. I have always had difficulties with my circulation, but a combination of homeopathic Lymph Acute, Spectralyte, Bacterio-tox and Metabolic tox has provided almost instant relief for me, leading to better circulation and more energy. Similarly, the nutraceuticals I take help to clear my liver, kidneys and digestive system of built up toxins. This one-month detox protocol is a far more comprehensive system than a one-week cleanse.
Bear in mind, however, that I have followed this detox protocol under supervision and you should always check with your Health Care Practitioner before undertaking any change in your health care, just to be on the safe side.
Nowadays when we are all subject to pollution in one form or another, it’s nice to be able to address the issue of built up toxins in the body, or toxic load which can adversely affect all the major organs of elimination – the liver, kidneys, digestive system and skin.

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