A Better Way to Go?

Choose A More Natural Way to Return to the Earth

On April 2nd of this year, my sister Violetta passed away in England.
Requiescat in Pace, Violetta
I was amazed and delighted that her family opted for a natural burial at Higher Ground Meadow in Dorset.
This is such a beautiful place, where your loved ones can return to the earth from which they came in a dignified and environmentally responsible manner. The owners of Higher Ground Meadow sell burial plots at extremely reasonable prices and biodegradable coffins made from wicker (as shown in the photo of my Sister’s casket), felt or cardboard. The prices for these are also very reasonable.
In comparison to the cost of a full-out funeral in Canada it’s a fraction.
Natural Burial is gaining some momentum in Canada and there are two cemeteries in Ontario – one in Kitchener and one in Cobourg that offer a natural burial. Check out The Centre for Natural Burial
As an alternative there is also the Funeral Advisory Society which you join for $35 (lifetime) and then you can choose a dignified burial in Canada at most of the Funeral Homes which is far less expensive.
I believe that this method of being interred is far more environmentally sound as well as sustainable than the old-fashioned method of embalming and being entombed in a fancy, expensive wood coffin protected by a concrete lead-lined sarcophagus.
It is certainly the choice I’m making for myself!
My Sister’s Funeral Bier and Willow Casket
Her Final Resting Place

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