A New Way to Save Electricity!

The Power of A Visual Hydro Cost Monitor

Believe it or not, most of us don’t particularly care whether we do our bit to save electricity.
It is, however, a very important aspect of being kind to the planet. Every kilowatt hour of electricity that you don’t use is one less kilowatt hour that the public utility needs to produce.

If everyone did their bit then the hope would be that new nuclear reactors would not have to be built and that, in turn, would be the hope of all who are concerned with the health of the planet.

Our family has very recently installed a “Power Cost Monitor” supplied by Burlington Hydro as we are already peak saver thermostat users.
It is a simple device which looks like a large remote control and sits on our kitchen counter top. It shows our live electricity usage expressed as cents per hour and also keeps a running total of our consumption for the month.
The amazing thing is that, despite ourselves, we have been watching the monitor and changing our behaviour accordingly. For instance, when I see that monitor go to .63 from .07 when I start the dryer at 3pm, I’ll leave it until 7pm when I know our costs will go down.
It seems insignificant, until you watch every member of the household (6 in my case), do the same thing. 
If it helps even just a little to avoid the need for new nuclear reactors, then my family and I will be happy to comply.
For an interesting article on how the McGuinty Government is maneuvering itself to build new reactors without sufficient public input, you may want to read this blog article from Greenpeace
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