Wooden Cutting Boards are Safer!

Do Yourself a Favour and choose Wood!!

I’m enjoying myself at the Show!!
This past weekend, at the Royal Botanical GardensHome & Garden Show I had a table promoting my business. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet many people.
I also offered a draw for a gorgeous cutting board from Hedge Road Woodworks in Jackson’s Point, ON. The lucky winner was Margaret Kenny of Sutton Group Results Realty in Burlington.
These boards are made primarily from sourced dead-fall lumber, with the addition of very small amounts of exotic woods from Exotic Woods in Burlington ;
Many people I spoke with at the show were wary of using a wooden cutting board for food preparation, however, in reality, a wooden cutting board is far safer and less toxic to use than a plastic cutting board, as well as being sustainable and planet friendly. A study done by UC-Davis concluded that wooden cutting boards kill the bacteria on the surface even when severely knife-scarred. The bacteria remaining in the knife marks were unable to reproduce and eventually died. In contrast, plastic boards were impossible to sanitize when knife-scarred.
Do the planet and yourself a favour and choose wood!!
Margaret Kenny with her new cutting board
I LOVE my cutting board

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