Spring is Here!

I’m amazed that pomegranate is still red since last December!Time to put the winter greenery into the green bin for pick-up tomorrow.

Re-Fresh Your Front Entrance!/span>

Most of us don’t give the entrances to our homes the attention they deserve, often because they think that the front door is something reserved for visitors. If you think about it, in fact the front door is where you enter your own private sanctum after your day at work, and how it looks and feels actually affects how YOU feel when you enter your home.

For instance: if your front door is in need of repair or re-painting, if you haven’t got around to replacing your winter planter arrangements, or even bothered to take the wreath off your door, you’re setting yourself up for not feeling very good when you finally kick off your shoes. Subconsciously, you are thinking about all the work you need to do, and even the thought of all that work makes you feel tired.

OK, yes, I’m talking about myself here. I’ve just been so busy this early Spring that I haven’t done anything, and I know, deep down inside, that it’s affecting everything that I do and think about, because it’s hanging over my head. So I’m writing this post, then immediately heading out there to clean up, re-do my planters, and throw the winter greenery into the green pick-up bin.

In Feng Shui, the front door represents the “mouth” of your home, so what enters there either energizes (feeds) or poisons (toxins or pollutants or bad vibes entering your home) so it’s very important that you welcome life-giving energy to your home. A great way to do this is by having live plants by your front door. All you need are some potted plants and a pair of gloves.

Here I have planted perennial Big Leaf Bergenia & Columbine, along with flowering bulbs of tulip and daffodil, as well as annual pansies. Everything will be transplanted into the garden in summer, after they have finished blooming.

Make sure you push the plants down into the soil

very well, as transplants hate air pockets.

Soak the newly potted plants well

So Spring-like!


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